Difference Between LED Light And LED Grow Light

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LED light known as a light-emitting diode is designed with a microchip, electricity travels through the microchip through which light is generated. Heat sinks are installed into the LED lights, when the bulbs are hot the heat will sink there to get warm.

LED grow lights are often used to grow plants which are high-intensity discharge lights such as HIDs, fluorescents, and also incandescent grow lights. However, you can decide to choose any LED to grow light as far as the light generated is used by the plant to photosynthesize.

Most of the LED grow lights are artificial and are electric which are used to support plants, organic farming, etc. whenever the plants need an extra source of light or the plant is grown inside a cubicle where no source of light, the LED grows light will be used.

Moreover, the LED grow lights have various light spectrums, and color spectrums compared to the LED lights, the luminous efficacy and the color temperate of the LED grow lights can be easily controlled because of their utilization for plants and organic farming.

The difference between LED lights and LED grow light is that LED lights are used for illumination whereas the LED grow light is used to promote vegetative growth because of its various light spectrum.

Below are points that lay more emphasis on the differences between the two LED lights which guide you when you’re purchasing LED lights for your office, Business, etc

1. Usage

Has explained above LED lights are solely used for illuminating and can be used in offices, shops, and every corner where light is needed compared to LED grow lights that can only be used for plant growth, and some other agricultural businesses such as poultry farming, etc.

2. Variety of light

There are different grow lights available for usage which includes HIDs, fluorescent, incandescent, and also LEDs, you can choose the ones that best suit your business and budget.

3. Different color

LED grow lights have different colors compared to LED lights, LED grow lights have red and blue lights that are used for photosynthesis for the plants. In which the blue promotes vegetative growth and the red promotes flowering in plants.

 LED grow lights 

Can LED light grow plants?

The LED light will grow plants because it has a white and yellow color spectrum but to ensure that your plants grow effectively it is more advantageous to use the LED grow lights due to their light spectrum and wavelength.

The wavelength produced by the LED grow light is different from the LED lights, the wavelength of a white color light spectrum is <300nm and yellow light is ~300nm while the wavelength of blue light is >400nm and red light is >600nm.

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