The HIGROWSIR G series led grow lights are widely used in Greenhouse supplement light,the full spectra, slim and efficient design delivers consistent PPFD, best energy efficiency,best heat dissipation. Control the seasons year-round with top light G series. Helping maximize crop growth in greenhouse and indoor settings while balancing with energy efficiency and human work environment. Expect high quality, reliable crop yields and sustainable control over your result.

Our product category encompasses a range of power specifications from 150W to 1200W, catering to various scales and types of greenhouse growing environments.

The 150W LED grow lights and 300W LED grow lights are suitable for small-scale or low-light-requirement plants, while the 650W LED grow lights and 800W LED grow lights are more appropriate for medium-scale cultivation projects. For large greenhouses requiring more intense lighting, the 1000W LED grow lights and 1200W LED grow lights are ideal choices.


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