Cold Frame: A Type Of Planting Frame

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Cold frame is a type of planting frame. They are bottomless boxes placed over plants in the garden in order to shield them from the cold weather.

Normally, they are built to the ground at a low height, having a transparent roof at the top to allow the entrance of light.

They are used to extend the growing season by retaining heat and protecting your plant, thereby, keeping frost away from your crops.

Hardening off seedlings in the spring is one of the things cold frame is used for. Cold frames are easy to use, and they are asset to any garden as they help in supporting plant growth in more ways than one.

As much as planting frames are important to our plants, a good supplier is just as important. A good planting frame whether cold frame or any other frame has to be of quality. This is why you need to have a good supplier to ensure you get a quality planting frame.

Cold frames are not like greenhouses. They are smaller than greenhouses so, you won't be able to walk in them. Headspace will be just enough in order to do your work in them. This is because little air only a little air is needed inside the planting frame to keep warm.

These planting frames traps and holds sun rays, keeping the air, soil and plants warm inside through solar energy.

In setting up your cold frames, you should consider the following points below:

  • Site your cold frames in a place where they can get full sun.
  • Always ensure that the top of your planting frames is free of snow and leaves so that you maximize light and heat
  • Make sure your planting frames are ventilated. And this can simply be done by putting a prop beneath your lid on days you have the weather to be warm.
  • Avoid watering them too much. This is because the environment of cold frame tends to be moist, as it is difficult for evaporation to escape.

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Benefits of cold frames

  • It warms up the soil so that the environment will be suitable for the plant to grow and yield properly.
  • They protect your plants from frost and garden pest. This help to keep your plants in shape.
  • They are affordable, therefore, you don't have to stress your pocket to get some in your garden.

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