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LED Grow Light

Led Grow Light Manufacturer

Higrowsir is a professional chinese manufacturer of full spectrum led grow light with over 10 years experience in horticulture Led light. All of our Led grow lights are DLC ETL approved and popular in the United States, Canada. The led grow lights are suitable for almost all the plants, such as cannabis, herbs, succulents, vegetables, bonsai tree, houseplant, orchid, lemon, chili, tomatoes, algae etc.  Whether you are a distributor, retailer or end-user, we provide you with one-stop led grow light solutions from design to manufacture.


What is LED Grow Light?

LED grow lights are artificial light sources designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting light suitable for photosynthesis. LED grow lights are often used for home planting, vertical farming, indoor planting and greenhouse planting to extend the time plants receive light in winter or in places with insufficient natural light. Higrowsir offers series of ETL and DLC certified led grow lights,you can choose any types you want and get wholesale ETL DLC Led grow lights.

How To Choose The Best Led Grow Lights For Your Plants?

Whether you are commercial cultivators or individual hobby growers,when you're choosing LED grow lights for your plants, you should consider the light demand growth purpose of crops, planting area of crops, budget and many factors. LED grow lights, like any other LED lights, are made of three key parts: LED chips, LED drivers, heat sinks. All of our led grow light components are with high quality and long service life.

Types of Horticulture LED Light

According to different lighting requirements, LED plant grow lights are mainly divided into top light, indirect lighting light and flowering light. Plant growth can be boosted by using the right LED grow lights.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum LED grow lights can simulate real sunlight and provide optimal lighting during each cycle of plant growth, eliminating the tedious process of frequently changing grow lights with different wavelengths.

Energy Saving

LED grow lights have higher photoelectric conversion efficiency than traditional grow lights and can reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

IP65 waterproof, flexible 180°

Allows growers to plant in a humid environment without worries; the foldable design up to 180 degrees makes it small, compact and easy to install.

ETL and DLC Standard Led Grow Lights for sale


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