HIGROWSIR V series products mainly focus on vertical farms, seedling cultivation, flower and fruit planting, providing multiple planting spectra to meet the needs of different crops, and also providing customized services to meet customer project needs.
The 40W LED grow light is perfect for small-scale or hobbyist growers who need efficient lighting for seedlings or young plants. It provides gentle yet effective light that encourages healthy growth without overwhelming delicate young plants.
Our 80W LED grow light is ideal for medium-sized growing operations. It offers a balanced light spectrum, ensuring that plants receive the wavelengths needed for both vegetative growth and the early stages of fruiting.
The 100W LED grow light is designed for more extensive operations and is particularly effective during the fruiting stage of plant growth. Its higher wattage and optimized light spectrum ensure that fruit-bearing plants receive the intense light they need for robust growth and fruitful yields.


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