How Far Away From Plants Should LED Grow Lights Be?

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LED grow lights are essential for delivering the light plants require to thrive while growing plants inside. The position of LED grow lights above plants is equally as crucial as the light itself.

Here are some considerations for choosing the height of LED grow lights above plants, as well as optimum heights for various growth phases.

Factors influencing LED light height

LED light intensity: Because different LED grow lights have varied intensities, the height at which they should be put varies. For reference, look at the grow light's recommended hanging distance.

Plant development stage: The height at which LED grow lights should be installed is also determined by the stage of growth of the plant.

The light's intensity: To avoid leaf burn or stunted development, keep high-intensity LED lights farther away from plants than low-intensity LED lights.

Height recommendations for various stages of development


LED grow lights can be put 6-12 inches above the plants for seedlings. If your grow light has an adjustable intensity, you may need to reduce the intensity (typically to around 30%).

If the light is too bright or cannot be reduced, it is best to raise and lower the fixture as the seedlings become accustomed to it.

As the plants grow, the LED grow lights can be raised to around 18-24 inches above the plants. Because larger plants absorb more light, the intensity can be increased.

 At this time in the plant's growth cycle, you should be running your fixture at roughly 50% power.

Flowering stage:

Depending on the light intensity of the fixture, LED grow lights should be placed about 18-30 inches above the plants during the flowering stage. During the flowering stage, the light should be utilized at full or nearly full intensity.

For optimal indoor plant development, the height of LED grow lights above plants is critical. The type of LED light, plant growth stage, and light intensity should all be considered.

Is it possible for too much LED light to harm plants?

While LED grow lights are necessary for indoor plant development, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Too much light can be harmful to plants, causing leaf burn and stunted growth.

The dangers of bright light

Leaf burn:

The bright light from LED grow lights can cause leaf burn if they are put too close to plants. This is the stage in which the leaves turn white or yellow and crisp, eventually dying off.

Plant development might be hindered as a result of excessive light. As a result, the plants will not grow as tall or as wide as they should, resulting in low yields.

The significance of acclimating plants to light

Gradual light acclimatization: To minimize the hazards of bright light, it is critical to gradually adapt plants to the light. This is accomplished by beginning with low-intensity light and progressively increasing its intensity over time.

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Monitoring plant growth is also necessary to ensure that the plants are not being destroyed by the light. If there is any bleaching, yellowing, or curling of the leaves, the lighting should be changed accordingly.

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