Can Plants Grow Without Light? How Much Light Should Be Given To Make Plants Grow Healthily?

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Most plant lovers are faced with a problem of growing flowers, that is, the indoor light is insufficient, and some friends have no light on the balcony at home, and the room will be dark if the lights are not turned on. Is it possible to grow flowers in this situation? Not every home has a lot of light. Are there any plants that do not need light to grow?

There are basically no plants that can grow without light. Most plants need more or less light to grow, whether it is natural light or lighting.

However, some plants can grow in complete darkness for two or three weeks, such as ornamental arrowroot, saxifrage and one-leaf orchid, etc., and cannot grow in complete darkness for a long time, otherwise they will wither.

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1. Can plants survive without sunlight?

The answer is of course no! No houseplant grows in the dark, plants need proper light to survive, and in complete darkness, it doesn't take long for plants to hang.

If you want to keep plants indoors without light, you can add light, such as the following shade-tolerant plants, such as white palm, peacock arrowroot and green dill, etc., you can give 10 to 12 hours of light exposure every day (there is no natural light during the day) place), but also to maintain the normal growth of the plant.


2. What happens to plants when there is no sunlight?

Without enough light, plants will grow leggy. Leggy means that the spacing of the leaves is widened, and the stems and leaves are very long and tender, but this is equivalent to promoting the growth of seedlings and looks very delicate. Slowly the stems and leaves of the plant lose their color and become dull or even transparent.

If there is a light source near the plants, they will grow obliquely toward the place where there is light, which is plant phototaxis.

However, most rooms will have a certain amount of natural light, and even if the lights are not turned on at night, rooms in the city will have other light sources. Then these rooms can have some plants that can adapt to low light conditions.


3. The role of plant lights

Some friends have poor lighting at home and want to grow flowers, or want to grow flowering plants indoors, they will think of buying some LED grow lights. Grow lights do have a certain effect on the illumination of plants, and they can even make some homemade grow lights. In fact, it is to ensure that the light source is sufficient.

Grow lights don’t need to be expensive or fancy, as long as there are enough lights, there are tools for measuring the size of the light, and even some grow lights can adjust the size of the light by themselves.

The plant light cannot be turned on all day long, and the plants must have a completely dark environment for about 8 to 12 hours every day, otherwise the plants will not get a good dormancy, which is not very good.

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