Using Cannabis Vertical Grow Rack To Help Your Plants

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If you’re looking to join the world of cannabis cultivation, this article should answer some of the questions you may have. We will also delve into vertical farming and using cannabis vertical grow racks to maximize your cannabis production. 

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Using Cannabis Vertical Growing Racks In Your Indoor Farm

Vertical farming is a concept that has taken the agricultural world by storm in the past two decades. Using a vertical grow rack system allows you to have multiple layers of plants growing simultaneously. This helps increase production and revenue by up to 3 times. 

By installing mobile vertical growing racks, you create a flexible growing operation- you can move your plants whenever you need. There are a number of benefits that vertical grow racks will bring to your cannabis farm. 


1. Make Use Of All Your Space

If you plan to set up a cannabis grow operation in your garage or a warehouse, you understand how limited space can really hinder the potential of your operation. By allowing you to stack your plants in multiple layers, vertical grow racks allow you to make use of all the space that typically goes to waste. This system results in increased output and ultimately higher profits. 


2. Make Use Of Your Resources

A good grow room set-up requires a lot of lighting, air conditioning, fans and human labor. 

These resources are quite expensive. If you have a large indoor grow room, using vertical grow racks will ensure you’re getting the most value out of them. A vertical grow rack system will allow you to produce more cannabis and make more profits, which will help shoulder the costs of running the operation. 


3. Provide Optimal Conditions For Your Plants

When growing only one tier of cannabis, many farmers make the mistake of cramming their indoor grow rooms with as many plants as they can. This often leads to overcrowding which makes access to the plants difficult. It also means that the plants will be competing for light and air supply, ultimately resulting in stunted plants. 

Indoor grow racks have more than enough space between tiers. They are also strong enough to hold multiple lights and fans. Therefore, using a vertical grow system will allow you to increase your production without compromising on access, light, and airflow.

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