The Difference Between Led Plant Grow Light And High Pressure Sodium Light

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Plant growth lights can solve a series of problems. Incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and emerging LED plant grow lights have been or are being used in greenhouse lighting. Among these types of light sources, high-pressure sodium lamps have higher luminous efficiency, longer service life, and higher overall energy efficiency, occupying a certain market position, but high-pressure sodium lamps have poor lighting sustainability and low safety (containing mercury). Problems such as not being able to illuminate at close range are also very prominent. However, LEDs are expensive, supplementary light technology is difficult to match, supplementary light theory is not perfect, and the specifications of LED plant grow lights are confused, which makes users question the application of LEDs in plant supplementary light. So what is the difference between LED plant grow lights and high-pressure sodium lamps.

LED plant grow lights

The principle of luminescence and the difference of external structure

The high pressure sodium light is composed of mercury, sodium, xenon arc tube wick, glass bulb, getter lamp cap, etc. from the inside to the outside. Due to the difference of its core accessory ballasts, it is divided into inductive high pressure sodium lights and electronic high pressure sodium lights. High pressure sodium lights of different powers need to use corresponding specifications of ballasts. LED is also called light-emitting diode. The core part is a wafer composed of P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor. There is a transition layer between P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor, which is called P-N junction. When the current flows from the LED anode to the cathode, the semiconductor crystal will emit light of different colors from purple to red. The intensity of the light is related to the current. According to the luminous intensity and working current, it can be divided into ordinary brightness (luminous intensity <10mcd), high brightness (luminous intensity 10-100mcd) and very high brightness (luminous intensity> 100mcd). Its structure is mainly divided into four major blocks: the structure of the light distribution system, the structure of the heat dissipation system, the drive circuit and the mechanical/protective structure.


Difference of the irradiation range and the spectral range

The light-emitting angle of the high-pressure sodium lamp tube is 360°, and most of it must be reflected by the reflector to illuminate the designated area. The spectral energy distribution is roughly red-orange light, yellow-green light, and blue-violet light (only a small part). According to the different light distribution design of LED, its effective light-emitting angle can be roughly divided into three categories: ≤180°, 180°~300° and ≥300°. The LED light source has wave length can emit monochromatic light with a narrow light wave, such as infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc., which can be combined arbitrarily according to different needs.


Differences in applicable conditions and life span

The high-pressure sodium light is the third-generation lighting source. It has a wide range of use under conventional alternating current, high luminous efficiency, strong penetrating ability, and a very high life span of 24000h, and it can be maintained at 12000h at a very low level. When the sodium light is illuminating, it will be accompanied by the generation of heat, so the sodium light is a kind of heat source. In the process of use, there is also a problem of self-extinguishing. As a fourth-generation new semiconductor light source, LED adopts direct current drive, with a life span of more than 50,000 hours and low attenuation. As a cold light source, it can be irradiated close to plants. LED has higher performance, does not contain harmful elements, and is more environmentally friendly.

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