How to Set up Your LED Grow Light

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You are probably reading this piece because you're eager to know how to set up a LED grow light.

Perhaps you just got a new one from a reputable LED grow light manufacturer, but you do not understand how to hang and set it up.

The good news is, that you're at the right place to get the best guide on setting up a LED grow light on your farm, garden, or grow tent.

At Higrowsir, we are passionate about educating you on the best ways to set up your LED grow light to support those valuable plants in your garden.

But, What Is A LED Grow Light?

LED Grow light is a Light emitting diode with a specialized spectrum that helps plants to carry out photosynthesis in the absence of sunlight–or when the amount of sunlight available is not sufficient for the proper growth of plants.

Thus, we can say that LED Grow light is an artificial analog of sunlight. It can be to support plants that are grown indoors.

LED grow light is also used to supplement the amount of sunlight reaching plants that are grown outdoors.

LED Grow lights are long-lasting compared to incandescent light bulbs because they do not make use of filaments that can burn out.

Thus, using LED grow light saves you the cost of replacement relative to incandescent bulbs.

So, How Do You Set up LED Grow Light on Your Farm

Setting up and hanging your LED grow light in your grow tent may be challenging. However, following the simple steps below can make it easier for you.

  • Start by connecting the loops of the LED grow light in pairs (two by two) and connect each pair to one end of a ratchet. Fix the ratchet on the top frame of your grow tent.
  • Next, connect the loops from the metal hanger in pairs to the ratchet. Secure the rachet at the bottom of the grow tent by fixing the ratchet around each side of the tent.
  • Place each pair of loops across to where the loop's screw cap will be fixed.
  • Gently screw the caps on the loops.
  • When the loops are fixed, hang the Lamp with the hook or ratchet.

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Bonus Tips

Here are a few bonus Tips to ensure your LED grow light is well fixed.

  • Check the LED grow light to know the light intensity or photon density it emits.
  • Hang the Lamp of your LED grow light at an appropriate height depending on the light intensity your plants need.
  • Make sure there is a space between your plants and the wall of your grow tent to absorb excess amounts of light.
  • Ensure the light emitted by your LED grow light is not directed towards a particular plant.

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LED grow lights can give you the perfect solution to enhance the rate of photosynthesis of your plants. However, buying them from a reputable manufacturer is a wise decision.

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