Global and Industrial Trend of LED Grow Light

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On a global perspective, LED grow light serves the importance of stimulation and improvement in the growth of plants when they are being exposed to an artificial light source. This has generally impacted and positively affected the agricultural and horticultural world.

Once the growth light is placed in a greenhouse or in an indoor planting section, they help increase the time of exposure of plants to light during winter or when there is an insufficient source of natural light.

As a result of its technological impact in the agricultural and horticultural sector, several commercial cultivators and hobby growers have found interest in the LED grow light.

The universal market size for LED grow lights was estimated at about 1.28 billion dollars in the year 2020 and expected to value about 12.32 billion dollars by 2030, recording a compound annual growth rate [CAGR] of about 28.2% between the year 2021 and 2030 according to allied market research.

Global LED grow light market is fast growing owing to its improved capability, dependability and benefits gotten from its usage. This growth is possible because of technological improvement.

LED grow light

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Grow Light for Your Plant

Light demand growth purpose of crops

Every plant has an expected and demanded amount of light required for their normal growth and survival. This light demand varies from one plant to another depending on the spectrophotometric structure.

For Instance, Foliage plants such as require between 14-16 hours of light on a daily basis while flowering plants such as only require between 12-16 hours of light on a daily basis, considering the fact that some hours of darkness is also essential to the growth of plants.

Planting area of crops

The planting area of crops determines the number of LED grow lights that would be needed for proper functionality. You cannot expect to make use of just one LED growth light for an area that requires up to five of such.

It will definitely not bring out the same result as using an effective number of LED grow lights for particular planting areas.

Electricity Consumption and Output

Considering the consumption and output of the LED growth light will help to save up electricity. This in turn, will help you to stay within budget and save excessive spending on electricity recharge.

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Certainly, the power saving capability and full band of the LED grow lights has made them proved more efficient than the conventional grow lights. This indirectly helps to save costs and provide best lighting practice for plants during their entire growth cycle.

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