Speech:"Spectrum Technical Specifications for Planting Technology"

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Why am I always emphasizing the concept of superimposed spectrum? Companies that did not have this awareness before must have the concept of superposition after understanding this standard.

It is the photoreceptor of the plant that absorbs the energy of the spectrum. The spectrum of the leaf surface is not necessarily the spectrum of your plant lamp itself. For example, when the greenhouse is filled with light, the leaf is also superimposed with the direct light and scattered light of the sun. If it is cloudy today , But there is still scattered light from the sun on the leaves. At this time, it is absorbed by the plants after the two spectrums are superimposed. Therefore, some people find that they grow well in the greenhouse, but they can’t work indoors. The reason is that you don’t have any work on the receptor. Test and analyze other spectra of the scene.


Moreover, the environmental conditions are different, and the planting effect is also very different, which shows that the absorption spectrum of plants is not simply a factor of the spectrum, and sometimes other factors have a great influence.

Another question that is often mentioned is whether the supplementary light of the greenhouse is day or night?

When you learn the concept of dose from the standard, there is no need to be confused.

Next, the term spectral shape is easy to explain, which is the distribution shape of the light quantum distribution map. Because we always emphasize the spectral shape, it is difficult for us to express the shape mathematically. Our most intuitive is the spectral map. However, most of the spectrum we used in the lighting field was the power distribution diagram of its radiation, but when it comes to bio-optics, we must use the photon flux distribution diagram. There are three diagrams in the bright test report, one It is the distribution of radiation, one is the distribution of photon flux, and the other is the distribution of visual luminous flux. 

There is also the term plant lighting. The concept of plant lighting is to provide lighting that can improve the efficiency of plant photosynthesis and control the formation of plant light. Light has two purposes, one is to achieve photosynthesis, and the second is to regulate the formation of light morphology of plants. I want to focus on what is called spectroscopy (terminology). What does spectroscopy technology do? Spectroscopy technology is the application of artificial light sources that can be designed by the spectrum to control the response of organisms to light energy absorption and find the response sensitivity factor. Spectroscopy technology is used as a means of control during the planting process to reflect the efficiency of control. The spectrum technology we emphasize refers to the artificial light source that can be designed in the spectrum. Why are our plant lights so expensive? The difference with the lighting lamp is here. Our spectrum is obtained through countless experiments, and it is through the use of spectrum technology. The cost of the deployed light source is very high, which is very different from your lighting. Some people think that the plant light is very simple, but this is not understood. Why is it simple that you did not succeed? We use a spectrally designable artificial light source to control the biological response to light energy absorption, remember that it is the response, and at the same time find the response sensitivity factor.

We say that artificial environment planting is actually an industrialized process of agricultural planting. What is the process of industrialized production? The industrial production process is completely controllable from the process equipment to the entire process route. This is industrialized production. Before the planting in the field was not controllable, after the industrialized planting was achieved, our goal of plant products would be controllable. So what can be controlled? We must find the sensitivity factor of light absorption to achieve the final production goal. This is the technology.

That is to say, it is too easy to copy a spectrum, it can be done in one minute, but knowing what is the sensitivity factor of regulation, this will exclude many companies from the market. The spectrum we use is never composed of monochromatic light alone, it is usually a mixture of multiple light components. It is very difficult for us to find a sensitivity factor in the spectrum after a variety of spectra are mixed. This is the difficulty of this technology and requires scientific experimentation and technical realization.

Next, we explain the planting process. This is the most interesting term so far. I haven't heard it before. Why do I distinguish the plant light spectrum technology from the planting process spectrum technology? Plant factories and greenhouses fill light, what is our ultimate goal? It is to achieve a controllable production process, that is, the industrialized production process of agricultural planting. Because there are three characteristics in the industrial production process, that is, stable products, fixed production cycles, and continuous production and manufacturing. The previous agricultural planting did not have these three characteristics. Once we talk about plant factories, these three characteristics will be Show it right away.

What is lacking in the long-term research of plant light spectrum technology? Lack of light, planting environment, and planted plants are the three correlations, or the relationship between plant growth and plant demand for light under environmental conditions, plant light spectrum technology is from light source to plant, and planting technology spectrum technology It is a strategy to ask the plant's demand for light under the conditions of the planting environment. The core of this technology is here.

The planting technology spectrum technology is mainly reflected in the light dose. Industrial production must meet a bottom line, that is, it can make money, and the efficiency of making money must be high. Once planting is converted to industrial production, it must also comply with this bottom line, that is, plant factories must generate profits, and plant factories that cannot generate profits, do not The fanfare is just a laboratory, not to mention the plant factory industry. Where does it come from if it is not profitable?

Next, there is a very important term called the three principles of spectroscopy technology. These three principles are very important. Whether it is for your future production, technical learning, or transactions with customers, these important principles cannot be violated. As long as you violate it, you are talking nonsense. The first principle is called the principle of spectrum. There is no best spectrum, only the most suitable. In other words, if a person thinks that his spectrum is the best, he has already stated to you that he does not understand plant lights and spectrum technology.

The second is the parametric principle. The quantity of light takes precedence over the quality of light. I talked about this issue before, and many people did not understand it, but the boom last year, which I call a boom, fully illustrates this problem . That is, we found that after increasing PPFD, no matter how low your planting level is, its effect is good. That is to say, the light quantity of the blades has been increased. Don't talk about the light quality at this time. It is enough to add red to white, which makes many companies rejoice. What about the cost? You are not alone in planting. The law of the market is cost-driven. It is technology that drives cost. As more people grow , the market will inevitably return to the cost issue, and customers will gradually understand the cost issue.

Last year’s high QE brought a concept to everyone. It turns out that the spectrum technology is as simple as white light plus red light. The actual planting effect just confirms this parameter principle, calling light quantity prior to light quality. When you don’t think about power consumption or cost, you don’t need to match the spectrum with your customers. Until the end of last year, the market began to return to rationality, and customers returned to the cost consideration of plant lights. This time the social practice cost is very high, and customers will be sober after paying the cost. The application of this large chip and small current lamp bead is not a new technology. , Which is the cognition of Ohm's law level. When the chip Vf is applied to the lower limit, I estimate that some related problems will occur after the customer uses it for a period of time. In fact, the manufacturing process of the chip has not greatly improved the radiation efficiency of the rated power, it is my own consciousness that is encouraging myself.

With any technology, its energy efficiency has its limits, and chip technology is no exception.


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