What Are Types And Things To Consider When Choosing A Planting Frame

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Planting frames or racks help you create the perfect distance that must be between the plants so that they grow properly. It is important to know that each crop has its unique plantings framework since the plants have various needs based on their characteristics.

To successfully grow your plants in a planting frame, there is a list of things you must consider. Such as:

  •  The morphology of the plant
  •  Its nutritional requirements
  • The environmental conditions are needed by the plants.

Types of Planting Frames

There are a variety of planting frames, all of which are based on their shapes. Here are the most common ones:

Rectangular planting frame

In a rectangular planting frame, the distance between one plant and another is less than that between the plants and the rows. It allows for very good use of space.

Square planting frame

This is the most commonly used. The distance between the plants and the rows is the same, forming a perfect square. It is sometimes called a Royal frame. Its layout makes work much easier.

Triangular or Staggered planting frame

In the staggered planting frame, the plants are placed to form an equilateral triangle, each occupying a triangle. It is used to better respect the space needs of the plant.

Five gold planting frame

Five gold planting frames look similar to that of the square or royal planting frame. It is also planted in the space in the center of the square. It allows maximal use of space.

Unique features of our planting rack

  • Because of its compact feature,  it allows for the optimal use of available space (over 80%).
  • Our planting rack is very easy to install. In addition to this, there is also space for the installation of other requirements, such as water storage buckets, fuse boxes, fans, and hoses.
  • If you decide you need more layers on your planting rack, our planting frame gives room for you to add new layers to the mobile rack when needed.
  • We offer vertical planting racks in agreement with our customer's plans and preferences.

Some unique benefits of a planting rack/frame

Eliminate Wasted Space: Mobile planting racks optimize space horizontally by eliminating empty aisles and vertically by extending upwards.

Save on Climate Control Costs: You’re paying to heat and cool your entire building, so why waste space?. Put that space to work with a vertical grow system. Through a fully customizable system,  you can provide ideal conditions for growing healthy plants.

By maximizing space, we help farmers sustainably grow food and crops, for cities and rural areas all around the world.

planting rack

Get your plants the perfect planting frame

Plants energize your home. In this age, in which taking a breath of nature often requires scheduled trips, and seeing trees requires you to take a hike.

 Bringing the outdoors inside is a welcome relief from the concrete cities that makes up our everyday surroundings. If you are a farmer or you keep a garden as a hobby, you always need space to plant more.

 But what if you're shortage of space to accommodate plants? Click here to shop for a rack for your ornamental, medicinal plants, and even your vegetables.


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