Top Five Common Commercial LED Grow Lighting System Mistakes

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LED grow lighting has rapidly become a standard in commercial greenhouses, and enclosed farming, and growers who have set up LEDs have recorded higher yield and reduced production expenses in connection to utilities.

 LED lighting is expected to emerge as one of the most promising types of additional lighting to be employed in horticultural setups because of its capacity to enhance photosynthetic activities in plants regardless of the colder months when natural sunlight brightness is reduced. This lighting source can be used as a top up to or as the sole light source for plants.  

How then do you get a high-quality and durable one? You will need to partner with a reliable and experienced commercial LED grow lights manufacturer that will give you the best even as we have different products flooding the market daily.

Some common mistakes that could affect the efficiency of this device are given below.

commercial LED grow lights 

Providing Insufficient Grow Lighting

When assembling LED lighting, it is essential to consider the crop's proper lighting. These specifications become even more essential as the total count of plants per space and LED light installations increases.

When choosing an LED light for the procedure, the light luminous intensity should be taken into account. A standard 200W LED light is adequate for a yield of about 100 grams. After making sure that the operation has had enough lighting fixtures mounted for the crop's requirements, sustaining the lighting balance is critical to maintaining healthy crops with maximum crop yield.

When installing LED lights for lighting requirements, it is critical to consider the maker's guidelines as well as crop unique needs.

Selecting the Wrong Light Spectrum

Plants need different light spectrum at various phases of development as well as growth. Failure to satisfy these demands implies that the plant will not develop to their maximum potential and will basically starve if the appropriate color of light is not provided.

Studying the photosynthetic activity will help in comprehending the light spectrums and the changing needs of plants.

Installing a full-spectrum LED light is an alternative to purchasing lamps of each required wavelength of light colors. However, the settings must be kept up and adjusted to suit the requirements of the plant.  

Overheating Plants

Plants, unlike humans, cannot simply remove their wraps to stay cool at night and thus can become overheated, causing them to become stressed. Leaf curl and burning of the leaves nearest to the source of light are indications that a plant is getting too hot.

Although LED lights emit very little heat, they have the potentials to burn a plant if placed too near to the leaves. When mounting the lights, a grower should refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for light height in relation to the plants.

Air circulation can help alleviate the problem by cooling the plant; notwithstanding, constantly keep an eye on the plants for indications of early stress.

Setting Lights at the Wrong Distance

In addition to being too near to the leaves, plant grow lights can be too far away from the plants to really be effective.

A grower must find the 'intricately linked' region for the plants to benefit immensely from the LED lights while avoiding plant stress. Lighting problems are frequently caused by either not having sufficient lights or having excessive amounts in one area.

Although there is no trick dimension for precisely where to position lights, 12 to 18 inches away from the plants throughout all of their development and growth phases is strongly advised. As plants grow, the level of the grow lights should always be adjusted.

Forgetting to Adjust the Lights

Things occur. During the growth period, a grower does have a lot going through their mind, and that's why forgetting to alter the lights is among the top five most prevalent mistakes in LED plant growing.

Establishing a timetable and paying close attention to the requirements of the plants as they develop will guarantee that proper light settings are used for growth. When necessary, make changes to the distance of the lights in addition to the color settings.

In Need of a high-quality Commercial LED Grow Light  

Commercial LED grow lighting system plays a very vital role in enhancing the crop yields in a commercial green house and enclosed farming when the mistakes highlighted in this article are mitigated effectively.  

Because of its importance to growers it is wise to partner with reliable and trusted commercial partners.

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