The Difference Between Plant Grow Light And Ordinary Light

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What is the difference between a plant grow light and an ordinary light? Only by knowing what the difference between the two is, can a final decision be made. Secondly, many people still don't know the necessity of a plant grow light.


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The difference between plant growl light and ordinary light

The plant grow light has high requirements on the CRI, which is close to sunlight, which is the so-called full spectrum, and different plants use different spectrums. At present, in agricultural production, especially in facility cultivation, supplementary light cultivation has been paid more and more attention. By supplementing light to achieve off-season cultivation, supplementing light to improve yield and quality, supplementing light to break dormancy, and supplementing light to achieve a a special breeding effect. In the process of rapid plant propagation, the use of supplementary light is more efficient, because it is produced in a highly intensive environment, which is better than the supplementary light efficiency in cultivation. Even if it increases the cost, it is still very cost-effective. Therefore, supplementary light has become an indispensable agricultural technical measure in the rapid planting of seedlings.

Plant grow light is to use artificial light source to create a good photosynthetic environment for plants. At present, the most artificial light source used at home and abroad is high pressure sodium lamp, which has the advantages of high intensity and wide color spectrum, but also has the advantages of high power consumption and low light conversion efficiency.


The necessity of plant grow light

Light is closely related to the growth of crops. Capturing light energy to the maximum extent and giving full play to the potential of plant photosynthesis will be directly related to the benefits of agricultural production. In recent years, due to the promotion of market demand, greenhouses are widely used to produce off-season flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. Due to the short sunshine time in winter and spring, the crops grow slowly and the yield is low, so there is an urgent need for supplementary light; most of northern China Located in eastern Asia, it has a temperate monsoon climate. In winter and spring, it is affected by the cold air from Siberia going south, and sometimes rain and snow are formed due to the fusion of cold and warm currents. There will be as few as 1-3 days of low temperature and little sunshine, and as many as 7 to 8 days of continuous cloudy and little sunshine. According to statistics from the Beijing area in the past 50 years, the probability of such long-term continuous cloudy weather is about 20%, 40% in the past 10 years, and 2 times in the past 3 years, which is more than 60%. This means that Beijing's winter and spring disasters are becoming more and more serious, and it has become a major catastrophic weather for the production of protected areas in winter and spring.

When the light intensity is lower than its compensation point, the consumption of organic matter is more than the accumulation, and the dry mass of the plant decreases, or even dies. Even in low light conditions, the growth of plants is weak and leggy.

plant grow light

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