How To Choose The Right LED Grow Light

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There are quite many lighting options in the market. However, LED lighting happens to be the best option. This is because it is durable, energy-efficient, compact, and has an adjustable wavelength.

Sometimes, it may be overwhelming to choose the right to grow LED light that suits your plant. Getting in touch with a reputable manufacturer of quality LED grow lights makes the task easier.

We have outlines that will help you to make the right choice. Making the mistake of selecting the wrong light can be disastrous to the plant. The outline will elaborate on different things you need to consider before making your choice.


1. The Type of Plant to Grow


The first and most important factor that determines the kind of light to use is the plant. Obviously, you cannot buy a light for what you are yet to grow. The type of plant you want to grow will determine the right light to use.

After deciding on the species to grow, check the features of the species to know the right light for it. Figure out the scientific growing principles behind the plant and the type of right that is suitable for it.


2. The Type of Light


Plants prefer the blue part of the spectrum during the seedling stage. At the stages of fruits and bloom, they prefer the orange and infrared parts of the spectrum. There are different lighting options for the plant. Some of them are incandescent, ceramic metal halides, light-emitting diode (LED), MH, etc.

LED grow lights can produce more photosynthetic photons within a specific range of wavelengths. Out of the other types of light, it appears to be one of the best grow lights for plants. It is essential to consider the right one for your plant.

LED grow lights

3. The Efficiency of Lighting


After choosing a particular lighting option, the next crucial thing to consider is lighting efficiency. Lighting efficiency is simply the required standard effect of the LED grow light for the plant.

Higher lighting efficiency means more active photosynthesis photons for plants to receive.  Remember, active photons are needed by plants to synthesize compounds. Generally, LED grow lights have different efficiency. Choose the right one for your plants


4. Ability To Adjust The Light Output


Different stages of plant growth require different parts of the light spectrum. The stages of plant growth are the seeding stage, seedling stage, vegetative stage, flowering stage, and fruiting stage.

The best lighting option should be the one you can adjust the lighting at different stages of plant growth. Fortunately, LED grow light can change to suit every stage of plant growth. Choose the one that will vary with the plant at every stage.


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