OTP-T SERIES Economical Grow Lights

OTP-T series led grow light is the most economic commercial plant grow light, a new triple-fold led grow light, PPE up to 2.5umol/J, high-end led driver brand, high effective led diodes. Our most inexpensive led grow light series are suitable for limited-budget plant projects. With the economical led grow light, we can help the plant growers start their planting dream and deliver higher quality yields at lower operating costs and achieve a quick return on investment through significant infrastructure savings in commercial verticals, greenhouses and indoor gardening.


Specification of Economical LED Grow Light

Model name OTP-680-T OTP-780-T OTP-1000-T
Light source LED
LED quantity/Indoor 2100Pcs LED/LED-STAR 2800Pcs LED/LED-STAR 3500Pcs LED/LED-STAR
AC input voltage 120-277Vac 347-480Vac 50-60Hz
Efficacy 2.5umol/J@230Vac
Light out PPF 1700 umol/s 1950 umol/s 2500 umol/s
Housing material Aluminuim alloy Aluminuim alloy Aluminuim alloy
Heat management Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling
Max output power 650-680W 730-780W 1000-1050W
Spectrum Indoor/Greenhouse Indoor/Greenhouse Indoor/Greenhouse
LED beam angle 120° 120° 120°
Mounting Height 6''-24''(15-60cm)Above Canopy 6''-24''(15-60cm)Above Canopy 6''-24''(15-60cm)Above Canopy
Max.Amibient Temperature 95℉/35℃
Life Span(Hour) 50000Hours
LED Driver 1*650Watts SOSEN 1*730Watts SOSEN 1*1000Watts SOSEN
IP Rating IP65
Package Dimension 1141*139*408mm(44.9*5.5*16in) 1141*139*408mm(44.9*5.5*16in) 1141*139*408mm(44.9*5.5*16in)
N.W. 10Kg(22lb) 11Kg(24lb) 11Kg(24lb)
G.W. 11Kg(24lb) 12Kg(26.4lb) 12Kg(26.4lb)
Certification ETL DLC CE RoHS
Warranty 5 Years Warranty

Dimension of Economical LED Grow Light

OTP-T SERIES Economical Grow Lights Dimension

Product Documents of Economic LED Grow Lights

User Manual

Technical Parameter File


Features of Economical LED Grow Lights


Samsung Im301 and osram 660nm led chip optimize plants growth at every stage of develop-ment.


Detachable & dimmable power supply can be mounted remotely on, the side of a rack or on an adjacentwall to remove heat from your grow space. 


Seperate aluminum heatsink design increase the heat dis-sipation area, quickly dissi-pate heat with no noise.


Certificated with DLC& ETL, superion quality components guarantee light safety & lifespan.


Higrow is a professional LED horticultural lighting solution factory, offers growers the most suitable plant led grow light solution. Own the international standard spectroscopy laboratory and the perfect supporting industrial chain can provide perfect ODM services. We provide series of ETL and DLC led grow lights for your choice. Find the cost-effective Led grow light now!


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