1000W ETL Best Commercial Full Spectrum Led Grow Light 1000-D

Power:1000W Integrated control system easy installation support daisy chain with app controller PPE:2.7umol s-1 per watt Optional High-intensity indoor and greenhouse spectrum IP65 rated ETL Listed

1000W ETL Best Commercial Full Spectrum Led Grow Light 1000-D
1000W ETL Best Commercial Full Spectrum Led Grow Light 1000-D
1000W ETL Best Commercial Full Spectrum Led Grow Light 1000-D
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1000W Full Spectrum led grow light is a modular, efficient LED designed for vertical farming. This highest yield 1000 watt LED grow light is the best choice for growers, distributors. The full spectrum 1000 watt led grow light can be used for indoor growing plants, cannabis, herbs, greenhouses, gardens, plant vegetables and flowers.

As a reliable china-based 1000w led grow light manufacturer, we can provide lighting solutions from indoor all-day planting, outdoor replanting to residential tent planting. Our 1000 watt led grow lights can easily meet the spectral color needs of plants at each growth stage. These adjustments also allow you to control growth to improve the overall quality of your crop.


PPFD MAP of 1000 Watt Led Grow Light

Test in x 4”*4”(120cmx120cm)Grow tent-Closed environment testing
Height=16 inch(41cm)    Test Machine: APOGEE Model: MQ-200

Upgraded Full Spectrum

This high-intensity spectrum is beneficial to all stages.

LED-STAR led Chip

High-efficiency LED chip, the efficiency is as high as 2.7 µmol/J

Output and efficiency

Compared with HPS, both yield and quality can be greatly improved. Energy-saving, and your plants soak up the photons that feed them.

Integrated control system

The external dimming box and led driver change to built-in design, simple and generous, easy to operate, and will not cause a lot of wires to be exposed to the outside. At the same time, daisy chain ports are designed at both ends of the fixtures, and customers can install them at will.

Daisy chain dimming function

The fixture design has a dimming knob, which makes dimming more convenient. It can be used independently by a single unit or by multiple units. A maximum of 10 lamps can be connected and controlled in a daisy chain through a main lamp, and 500 lamps can be connected and controlled through a WIFI controller.

Perfect heat dissipation design

Compared with products on the market, our aluminum material is thicker and sturdy, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation of LED diodes and LED drivers, and increases the service life of the fixture.

IP65 waterproof, flexible 180°

Allows growers to plant in a humid environment without worries; the foldable design up to 180 degrees makes it small, compact and easy to install.

UV+IR optional

Provide UV+IR LED Bar, detachable, able to be removed or separated from main fixture,support separate Daisy-chain dimming control, and the main fixture can be operated separately.

Optional appearance color

Through aluminum oxidation/powder spraying process, provide more color options, provide more possibilities for products.



Model name AC INPUT PPE Light out PPF LED Qty Max output power
OTP-1000-D 120-277Vac 2.7 umol/J 2700 umol/s 3552Pcs 1000-1050W



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